Correction of foot deformities with hallux valgus by transversal arch restoration

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Case report of dysregulation of primary bile acid synthesis in a family with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy

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Analysis of malignant melanoma cell lines exposed to hypoxia reveals the importance of PFKFB4 overexpression for disease progression

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Effect of Cabbage Wraps on the Reduction of Post-Traumatic Knee Exudates in Men

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The transverse arch collapse correction as a path to foot toes alignment

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Missing data in open-data era – A barrier to multiomics integration

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Diagnostic and prognostic relevance of microparticles in peripheral and uterine blood of patients with endometrial cancer

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Epidermal growth factor receptor Mutation status: Does younger mean more frequently mutated?

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Bradykinin B2 and dopamine D2 receptors form a functional dimer

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Genetic traces of never born proteins

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Loss of CYLD expression unleashes Wnt signaling in multiple myeloma and is associated with aggressive disease

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Structural interface forms and their involvement in stabilization of multidomain proteins or protein complexes

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Breakfast and other meal consumption in adolescents from Southern Poland

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Quality of life assessment in female patients 2 and 4 years after muscle-derived cell transplants for stress urinary incontinence treatment

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Distributed execution of dynamically defined tasks on microsoft azure

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DNA microarray integromics analysis platform

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Selected aspects of biological network analysis

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Attempt at a systemic outlook on aging and Carcinogenesis

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Virtual patient case: Study of a urinary incontinence therapy procedure in a woman

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Hydrophobic core formation in protein complex of cathepsin

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Operative procedures supported with robotics systems and available endoscope procedures in operative gynecology

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Autologous muscle-derived cells for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: A 2-year follow-up of a polish investigation

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Structural role of exons in hemoglobin

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The divergence entropy characterizing the internal force field in proteins

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In silico structural study of random amino acid sequence proteins not present in nature

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A tabular approach to the sequence-to-structure relation in proteins (tetrapeptide representation) for de novo protein design

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